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What we do with different stakeholders: 
  • We help utility companies become the energy experts in transportation. This naturally takes quite a bit of effort to accomplish, but we have seen a lot of positive progress. Over the years, we have helped utility companies with their strategic planning, rate and program development, auto dealer outreach and many other EV related projects.  All this work aims to develop utility company resources to a level of competence that enables them to independently run transportation electrification programs and become the trusted source of EV information for their members and customers. You can find more information about these programs by visiting our  Utilities page .  

  • Jukka Kukkonen is a former Area Manager for Ford, so he has combined his automotive industry knowledge with EV market understanding to build powerful auto dealer outreach and education programs with utility companies. We have worked with over 12 utility companies and 100 auto dealers and trained well over 300 auto salespeople in EV sales strategies and utility programs. Auto dealer sales teams can get the basics in a 30-minute training as part of their weekly meeting, but we can also provide tailored four hour EV Sales Pro workshops and anything in between. More information www.EVSalesPro.com

  • Education, education and education. People have driven internal combustion engines for over a century, so the shift to electric vehicles will not happen overnight. The best way to advance adoption rates is to provide good, real-life information to the general public through presentations, workshops, EV displays and Ride&Drives. We have done hundreds of EV presentations and events since 2010 and have even created an EV Event Coordinator's Handbook that was promoted nationwide by the Electric Auto Association, so let us know if we can help you to educate your network. 

  • From 2013 to 2015 we worked with building owners, managers, developers, utility companies, Multi Unit Dwelling (MUD) industry associations and other stakeholders as part of a DOE funded AAMD project to identify MUD EV charging barriers, develop innovative solutions and educate all stakeholders. Through that process we learned that the charging solutions for this area are not as complicated as expected, but the need for education, robust processes and advisory services is high. EVs and charging solutions have advanced a lot since that time, and utility companies are starting to take a more active role, so we have recently developed new, future-proof concepts. Visit  MUDCharging.com to learn more. 

  • We have worked with workplace charging (WPC) processes and concepts since 2013. Over the years, it has become very clear that there really aren't any silver bullet solutions for WPC, so every organization needs to look at their needs and decide their own approach. The rapid increase of EV driving ranges and a broader cross-section of the population shifting to driving electric also changes WPC needs. Check out our latest WPC Simple and WPC Advanced concepts at WorkplaceCharging.com, and while you're there also check out our other handy tools.

  • Jukka Kukkonen teaches  the EV Market and Technologies graduate course at the University of Saint Thomas, and we can provide tailored trainings/workshops for companies and organizations through St Thomas Continuing Education Programs.  In 2019, together with the University of Minnesota Electrical Engineering department,  we developed the "EVs for Utility Companies" half-day workshop and ran six such workshops for utility companies around Minnesota.  For more info visit the University page

  • There aren't any shortage of investment opportunities. It feels a bit like everyone and their cousin are developing new groundbreaking products and solutions for EVs, but this kind of market transformation feeds it. We know the EV market, technologies and EV drivers. In addition we have worked with utility companies, the auto industry, Home, MultiHousing, DCFC, Workplace, Fleet and destination charging programs and have run our own Li-ion battery storage combined with ATS equipped Microgrid system and smart charging since 2018. This all has provided us with an unparalleled understanding of the details and dynamics of this market. Let us know if we can help you.

  • As mentioned above, the shift to electric will change the transportation sector as well as energy markets and will require many new solutions. We have helped several manufacturers and solution providers to develop their business approaches. Our strongest competency is in real life market dynamics and understanding the connections between different stakeholders. There is lot of competition in certain parts of the market, but also plenty of room for companies that provide real value and choose the right channels. Let us know if we can help you.

  • If you are thinking about getting behind the wheel of an EV—or just want to learn about this fast-growing industry - check out our EVInfoList.com page that offers detailed specs for all EV models available in the Midwest and in the US. These Info Lists enable potential buyers and other stakeholders to get a good idea of what is available in the market and to quickly compare different makes and models. We use EV Info Lists as handouts at all our events, presentations and workshops. You can also find other useful resources at the page so check it out: www.EVInfoList.com.   

  • Electric Vehicle owners are the most powerful force in transportation electrification. They can can have a significant impact by simply sharing their experiences with the general public and key stake-holders. We started the Minnesota EV Owners group in 2012 and it has grown to become one of the biggest and most active regional EV Owners groups in the US. We have organized and taken part in hundreds of events since 2012. Visit MNEVOwners.org to see how MN EV owners connect, share their experiences and educate the general public about plug-in vehicles. 

  • If you are working to advance EV adoption and electrify transportation, we would be happy to help. Over the years we have worked with many advocacy organizations and NGOs such as Fresh Energy, the American Lung Association, Clean Cities Coalitions, the Electric Auto Association, Plug In America, Forth, Drive Electric MN, Sierra Club, and more.  

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