EVs and Utility Companies

Home is the most convenient and affordable place to power your car so 85% of charging happens here.

Utility companies are best suited to help and provide solutions for apartment building and condominium charging.

Customer and grid friendly rate solutions combined with easy and affordable metering solutions for win.

DC Fast Charging enables long distance driving and metro area EV fleets. Consider make readies!

Easy outreach tools and good customer service processes make you a trusted advisor in this space.

EVs are a tremendous opportunity for electric utilities so make sure you plan your actions right.

Promote, advertise, provide experiences, connect with owners and most of all educate, educate and educate.

To be successful you need to incorporate Auto Dealers as part of your processes and make sure they are ready for their part.

Fleet customers value utility assistance and there is a reason why destination charging is called convenience charging.

Workplace Charging increases eVMTs and EV adoption. Companies look for easy and affordable solutions.

Train your own team and combine classroom education with hands on experiences.  

How We Can Help

Strategic consulting and advisory services

EVs are a tremendous opportunity for electric utilities, so make sure you have the right plans and strategies in place. We have provided strategic EV consulting and advisory services for utility companies since 2012. Things are changing rapidly, so our job is to stay on the top of market developments and dynamics while understanding evolving customer expectations. We do not advise by looking in the rear view mirror, but rather by providing strong expertise in the present that allows us to forecast the trend lines to the future.  

Training and education

We have led hundreds of EV presentations and workshops. We can provide everything from a 30-minute EV 101 course or market update presentation to your Board to a full-day EV Market and Utility Strategies Workshop. Here is an example of a workshop agenda that we have done for over 200 utility company managers.  

Auto dealer engagement

Jukka Kukkonen is a former Area Manager for Ford, so he has combined his automotive industry knowledge with EV market understanding to build powerful auto dealer outreach and education programs with utility companies. We have worked with over 12 utility companies and 100 auto dealers and trained well over 300 auto salespeople in EV sales strategies and utility programs. More information www.EVSalesPro.com

Program development assistance

Whether you are building programs for home, multi-housing, DCFC, workplace, fleet or destination charging or any EV owner engagement program, we have experience developing solutions that will fit your needs. In addition we have had a strong relationship with EV owners since 2012, and these daily connections mean give us strong insight into what people expect from utility solutions. Examples of our work can be found at www.WorkplaceCharging.com

and www.MultiHousingCharging.com

Metering, DER, stationary storage and smart charging

We have worked with these solutions for years and have run our own 11.6kW PV, 18.6kWh Li-ion storage batteries, ATS equipped Microgrid system with smart charging since 2018. This experiment has taught us a lot about the dynamics, grid impacts and proper interconnection requirements for this type of setup.

Public outreach and education

Since 2011, we have coordinated and executed hundreds of EV displays, Lunch&Learn presentations, Ride&Drive events and other public EV activities. We have worked with the MPCA and other partners to run the EV display at the State Fair Eco Experience building since 2013, and with the Auto Dealers Association and Great River Energy to create the Electric Room at the Twin Cities Auto Show since 2016.

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