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MN Electric Vehicle Owners (MNEVO) provides a forum for Minnesota plug-in vehicle (BEV and PHEV) owners to connect, share their experiences and learn more about EV related topics. We meet every second month in various locations. Our membership and meetings are free and open to anyone who owns or is interested in shifting to drive electric. MN EV Owners is a chapter of the National Electric Vehicle Association



MNEVOwners provides a forum to meet with EV owners, share your experiences, ask questions and just enjoy connecting with others. People shift to driving electric for many reasons, and it is good to learn from different viewpoints. Meetings are also a great place to see new vehicle makes and models.



New technologies, new vehicles and new ways to power your drive. There are so many new things constantly happening in this industry and many of them affect the ways we choose, charge and use our vehicles. We will have presentations and new discussion topics at each meeting.



As EV owners, we can make a difference by simply sharing our experiences with the general public and key stake-holders. Please see the calendar below for upcoming events and sign up for the ones that fit your schedule. You don't have to be an expert on all things EV, just share why and how you drive electric.

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MNEVO meeting: Public Charging in MN 2024,  Wednesday 2/21
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There have been a lot of stories on challenges with public charging and, in many cases, rightfully so. First generation hardware reliability has not been good and spare part availability is still poor, but things are changing fast. This month, we have expert speakers sharing their experience, frustrations, and view of the future for public charging. Many of our members may not be aware that Minnesota based ZEF Energy has its roots in our group and most of their staff are our fellow MN EV Owners. They have been selling, installing, and maintaining EV charging solutions since 2014, and are one of the most experienced in the US in this business. They don’t have billion-dollar budgets, like many of the bigger networks do, but have been very mission-driven, working to advance EV adoption in Minnesota by building the first public charging stations here. Being a pioneer is not easy – early hardware has caused a lot of headaches, they have changed dozens of cords because of vandalism and, since they don’t own most of the hardware, it is sometimes hard to get things fixed since the decisions are not in their hands. Fortunately, we have a light at the end of the tunnel, and starting last year ZEF has been able to replace or build new sites using new, reliable hardware, and this year promises even more progress. Join us to hear the good, bad, and ugly stories from the past and what is happening in 2024 and onwards. This is a virtual Zoom meeting so make sure to register using the link below.

Virtual MN EV Owners meeting through Zoom, Wednesday, 2/21, 6:00-8:30PM
6:00-6:30 Virtual Social hour. Introductions and sharing experiences.
6:30-6:40 Opening.
6:40-7:10 DC Fast Charging network developments in Minnesota and in the US. Jukka Kukkonen
7:10-8:10 Minnesota experience and developments, ZEF Energy team.
8:10-8:30 Updates and upcoming events

Meeting registration:

If you have any questions please contact the MN EV Owners coordinator.​

Minnesota State Fair Eco Experience building display

We had another fun Fair to talk with people about EVs. We had Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Model Y and Polestar 2 on display with electric garage and a DCFC station. Our members talked with people about our experiences and answer their questions about EVs and charging. 


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State Fair volunteer guide

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State Fair volunteer training

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EV Incentives guide

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EV Experience Gallery:

Laura Hannah’s Solar + EV video

James Tucker’s EV + Solar video

Polly & Mark Andersen’s Solar + EV video

Steven Hong’s Solar + EV video

Roger Klisch’s Solar + EV video

Gary Schettl’s Solar + EV video

Gail Redeker's Solar + EV video

Mike Zwank’s Solar + EV video

Brian Anderson’s Solar + EV video

Mark Hanson's Solar + EV video

Ivan Idso’s Solar + EV video

David Boyce’s Solar + EV video

John Farrell's Solar + EV video

Dale Howey’s Solar + EV video

Jordan Honeck's Solar + EV video

Jukka Kukkonen’s Solar + EV video

Pdon Pinkham's EV video

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