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EV Market and Technologies

Electric Vehicle Market and Technologies course at the University of St. Thomas


Shift2Electric works with the University of St Thomas to offer a one semester graduate course exploring the key areas of the electric vehicle market and technologies. This online course helps attendees understand the EV market dynamics and provides a solid foundation for anyone considering a future career or business options with EVs and related technologies in this fast-growing field.

Instructor:  Jukka Kukkonen, Shift2Electric
Course: ETLS 739-01
Time:  Class meets Tuesdays from 5:45 to 8:45 PM online

Course Methodology:
This course is an interactive learning experience, consisting of small-group research projects, presentations, discussions, EV displays and owners' presentations and reflection days. Every student will do three research projects with other students. Students get to choose their research project topics from a topic list and grading will be based on research presentations, reflections and questions.

1. Week: Introductions and expectations, course concept and topics overview

2. Week: Basics 1
    a: US EV market developments 2009-2020
   b: BEVs and PHEVs presently available in the US
   c: New models coming to the market

3. Week: Basics 2
    a: EV markets outside of the US
    b: Smart charging technologies
    c: EV emissions

4. Week: Virtual Field Trip
    - Online EV Show and EV Owners Panel

5. Week: EV technologies
    a: Drivetrain technologies
    b: Battery technologies
    c: Autonomous driving technologies

6. Week: Charging
    a: Single-family home and multi-housing charging
    b: Public charging 
    c: Workplace and fleet charging

7. Week: Grid
    a: How EVs can help or hurt the grid
    b: EVs, renewable energy and Vehicle to X 
    c: Utility company EV rates

8. Week: Company visit
    - Field trip to EV industry company in Minnesota

9. Week: Policy and incentives
    a: Transportation electrification winners and losers
    b: Monetary and non-monetary public policy tools to advance EV market growth
    c: Non-governmental entities incentivizing EV market growth

10. Week: Bus electrification
    a: E-bus manufacturers and technologies
    b: E-bus charging technologies
    c: Existing bus fleets using e-buses and their experiences

11. Week: Non-car EVs
    a: Electric trucks and semis
    b: Electric aviation and watercraft
    c: Electric motorcycles, ATVs and other non-highway EVs

12. Week: Vehicles manufacturers
    a: Vehicle manufacturing and distribution
    b: Market update

13. Week: New business models
    a: Charging infrastructure manufacturing and networks
    b: Autonomous driving and connected cars
    c: Shared mobility concepts

14. Week: Personal overview and reflections, wrap-up 

Course objectives:

  • Students understand EV technologies and the basic market dynamics.

  • Students get to work with people who are interested in the same topics.

  • Students get to hear multiple perspectives, while learning about the topics.

  • Research work makes students drill deep into topics.

  • Topic choices allow students to use their strengths and expertise.

  • Having to teach someone provides deeper learning.

  • This course is designed to bring up potential business opportunities and build networks for students to pursue them.

For more information and registrations please visit UST webpage 
and contact the admissions office  or call 651-962-5500. 

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