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Give your sales team an edge in the market 

Check your team's EV sales readiness: 

EV sales will be a growing segment at every dealership - is your sales team ready? You can test your sales team's readiness by asking one simple question from each of your sales team members:
Q: A customer walks in and says that they have considered a competitor’s (X) ICE model, but have heard that we sell (Y) EV.
The customer asks: Why should I buy this EV?
What is your answer?

If each of your sales team members can answer with three or more simple and compelling reasons why the EV that you represent provides a better value for the customer, your team is ready. If not, let’s talk.

We know the EV market, technologies and drivers 

We have led dozens of EV trainings for auto sales professionals and often work with utility companies to execute these programs. Some of the dealers we have worked with are now EV sales leaders in their region - and some even hold national records on monthly EV sales.

Portrait of a young woman in a showroom.

We can build the training program that fits your needs

Your sales team can get the basics in a 30-minute training as part of a weekly meeting, but a detailed four-hour EV Sales Pro workshop will give your sales staff a real competitive advantage in the market. And we are happy to do anything in between.

Here are some of the topics we cover at our EV Sales Pro workshops:

  1. EV market update

  2. Technology and model overview

  3. Identifying individual customer interests

  4. Clear value propositions

  5. Advantages of the models that you sell

  6. Bust the myths – clear the concerns

  7. Making charging easy

  8. Five highlights of the test drive

  9. How to work with utility companies

  10. How to build an EV driver fan base


Why work with us?

Shift2Electric founder Jukka Kukkonen used to work as a Technical Trainer and an Area Manager for Ford. He has combined his automotive industry experience with his deep knowledge of the EV market to build powerful EV Sales Pro training programs.

Electric Vehicles are the fastest growing segment in worldwide car sales and the rapid developments in battery technology mean that EVs will be the future of transportation. This presents great opportunities for those who embrace the change and are ready to build a strong business around EVs. 

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