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Continuing Education Training for Real Estate Professionals

EVs and Charging for Architects, Developers & Real Estate Professionals Course


Just like smartphones replaced maps and alarm clocks, electric cars are poised to speed past internal combustion-powered vehicles. Our electric grid is becoming cleaner at an accelerating pace because Minnesota utilities are closing coal plants and transitioning to renewable energy. This provides an opportunity to drastically reduce our transportation energy consumption, air pollution, and climate gas emissions by shifting to electric vehicles (EVs). Most EV charging happens overnight at home, so all residential properties including apartment buildings and condominiums will need to get EV ready. Every new parking spot doesn’t need to have a charging station yet, but charging infrastructure installations will be much more affordable if properties have future-proof designs. In January, the International Code Council (ICC) approved a new provision that includes EV-readiness language and other similar local codes are added all the time. There is also a 30% Federal Tax Credit available for EV charging infrastructure installations, and here in Minnesota, electric utilities are providing new EV charging programs. In this session we will talk about how this market is moving forward, how EV owners use and charge their vehicles, and how architects and developers can incorporate EV charging infrastructure readiness into new construction and remodeling projects for residential and commercial customers. 

Course Details and Credits Earned:
•    Course Title: EVs and Charging for Architects, Developers & Real Estate Professionals
•    Course Number: 0920022262
•    Class Duration: 90 minutes
•    GBCI Credits: 1.5 General GBCI CEs
•    AIA Credits: 1.5 LU | HSW
•    Qualifies for: Health, Safety & Welfare credit
Credit(s) earned on completion of this course will be reported to AIA CES for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for both AIA members and non-AIA members are available upon request. This course is registered with AIA CES for continuing professional education.

Learning Objectives:
1.    Participants will know basic technologies, electric vehicle models and the latest market developments
2.    Participants will know how people use and charge EVs and the effects on energy consumption and GHG emissions
3.    Participants understand the health impacts of transportation emissions and how those can be reduced by shifting to driving electric
4.    Participants will understand how charging infrastructure will enable us to reduce our climate emissions 
5.    Participants will learn about safety, common concerns and challenges in installing the charging infrastructure to MUD and commercial properties
6.    Participants will learn about code developments and safety aspects that relate to EV charging in property design and development
7.    Participants will be able to use cost effective, safe and future-proof approaches in their projects
8.    Participants learn how EVs reduce the indoor emissions in parking garages and common areas

This course is provided by Shift2Electric and Fresh Energy, a Minnesota-based nonprofit working to speed the transition to a clean energy economy. The Fresh Energy advances forward-looking policies that benefit our communities and our future.

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